Wet Rooms Bolton

Wet room installation and design Bolton, Bury and Manchester.

P&D Heating ( heatandbath.co.uk ) are Bolton’s leading Wetroom specialists. The team have an extensive background when it comes to the design and installation of the highest quality Wetrooms as can be seen by some of our recent projects below.

What is a Wetroom?

A Wet room is a waterproofed bathroom that allows a person the option to shower within an open plan setting or behind a single wall / screen. The tiled floor is usually engineered to a slight gradient that allows the water to drain away through an outlet on the floor.

Our recent Wet room designs are both modern and energy efficient.

Wet room installation Bolton.

The benefits of having a Wet room installed are easy to see and go a lot further than looking amazing as can be seen below;

  • Spatially efficient – It is literally a case of walk in, shower, walk out. No awkward cubicles!
  • Easy to clean – The water drains itself and the lack of shower screens mean for an easy mop and wipe!
  • Add value to a property – Wet rooms do not leak and therefore reduce the risk of damp and mould.
  • Visually stimulating – They look amazing, fit well within any interior design and are not as expensive as you may think!

Disabled Access Bathrooms

Wet rooms are an ideal solution for people that are currently experiencing mobility issues. They eradicate the need for shower trays, awkward enclosures and cramped spaces. The addition of seats, handrails and grab bars can be added to improve accessibility.

Please view the galleries and project profiles to see first hand why we offer the highest quality Wet rooms Bolton has ever seen!