Making the Most of Small Bathrooms


When it comes to small rooms in the household, making the most of the available space is paramount if you want to be able to enjoy your home to it’s fullest.

This is particularly true in bathrooms; with vital fixtures such as a toilet, basin and shower or bath being the very least you have to squeeze into a space, it may take some creative thinking to ensure the layout of the space enables easy and comfortable use.

At P&D Heating & Bathrooms, we are experts at designing and installing bathrooms that are tailor made to match the available space and requirements of their owners, so we’ve put together some great tips to ensure you can plan your bathroom the right way.

Here are some useful tips to consider when looking to fit or refurbish a small bathroom.

Space-Efficient Fixtures

You will be pleased to know that there are plenty of fixtures available that are perfect for smaller bathrooms.

Products such as corner toilets and pedestal basins are perfect for making good use of normally unused corner space, leaving the rest of the room open for other items such as storage units.

For small bathrooms that require both a shower and bath, there are plenty of high quality modern ‘shower over bath’ fixtures that provide a great relaxing experience, without having to fit a bath tub and shower enclosure separately

Spacious Storage

To add extra storage space to a small bathroom without sacrificing too much of the available space in your bathroom, consider adding units such as a stylish bathroom vanity unit. These units fit perfectly under basins and allow you to store away all of your bathroom cleaning and grooming products, preventing the room from looking cluttered and untidy, a common result of having too many bottles and packages lying around.

Another great idea for bathroom storage is installing a wall-mounted mirrored bathroom cabinet; available in a wide range of styles and sizes, these units create extra space to further allow you to tidy away bathroom essentials and add extra style to the room.

Towel Rails

Modern towel rails are great for neatly tucking away towels, and giving your bathroom a clean and minimalistic appearance.

Towel rails are available in heated models too, which is great during winter as they can heat the room and warm your towels ready for when you step out of the bathtub or shower.

By keeping only a few necessary clean towels on the rail at a time, the room will remain spacious, tidy and stylish!